OAKVILLE GROCERY: Cute Specialty Food Shops.

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When I first visited the Oakville Grocery Store in Napa on Highway 29 it was back in 2003 before I had moved to the valley and I was I searched for the top things to do while visiting Napa Valley. On the list was this cute little speciality shop on heavily trafficked road in route and nestled in between many wineries. It was an adorable little find with assorted speciality dips, locally made honey, a carefully chosen selection of wines and many other little artisan locally crafted finds.

Today the shop has been bought and sold and still possesses the same old world charm that back in the day when it was originated in 1881. It’s a historic little staple to our valley that used to serve pioneers who first planted grapes back in the day. With its local charm and iconic location it’s sure to please the average and gourmet visitor whether you chose to want a quality sandwich, or peruse the case for a spread of picnic items and fine cheeses and meats. They also now have a bakery section for those looking to travel up valley with a warm cup of something cozy and a pastry as you head North to other wineries. It’s still a place where I frequent often and enjoy a sweet treat as a reward for my meetings and busy scheduled day. It’s Certainly a good place to stop along the way in the middle of Napa/Yountville and headed towards St. Helena.