THE STRAWBERRY PATCH: Healthy Hidden Napa Sweet Spots

Stawberry picking with Nicole in Napa.jpg

You probably never expected a Strawberry Patch could put you such a smile on your face and have you in such a good mood but it is so very possible.

This little strawberry patch stand is the cutest little find and a hidden gem amongst the row of wineries lining the Silverado Trail.

You’ll be glad you stopped but don’t go so fast as you’re making your way down the Silverado Trail in Napa because you’ll be sure to miss it. It’s a little unmarked spot just as you jump on the trail in Napa off Trancas and it will be up your left hand side.

*Strawberries are in season from early May to around the end of our Valley’s grape growing season right around September/October. These are the sweetest, ripest mouth joy’s you’ll find making you feel refreshed admits your travels to throughout the valley.