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Nicole is a Napa Valley CA based entrepreneur and nationally published photographer from Boston, MA. As a business savvy career women with over 17 years in both business communications and visual story telling, Nicole has discovered first hand what it takes to balance life, stay driven, and encourage the right habits that shift your mindset to remain nourished in life and business. She guides busy professionals on life focusing areas that encourage a life of more of what they hope to be living.
"Life-stylizing - game changing” habits spark their spirits back to life stepping into a future version of themselves. By living a productive, easier of living with a revived mindset, a transition begins to take place.

View inspiring television interview segments, written articles, and mindfulness offerings that "REVIVE" both mindset & home.
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tips to get unstuck, revived, & transitioned into a new way of thinking of your life so it matches the one you always wanted!


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Nicole Marino is an entrepreneur originally from Boston living in Napa Valley, founder of Bigshot in Winecountry Media Co. & Nicole M. Co. and a resource to offer you the latest happenings, know how, and must tries here in the Napa Valley and beyond that evoke a sense of passion as you become “REVIVED” in your mindset & home. Nicole has spent over 10 years in Napa’s hospitality industry pursuing her career in both marketing and building her media brand and has been hired by the Napa Valley’s prominent and well respected Napa Valley wineries to lead their Concierge programs.

Nicole was named by Napa Valley Life Magazine as one of "Napa's most intriguing people." She received her degree in Business Communications graduating with two honors programs and later established her media business following a career of 17 years as a nationally published photographer, marketing social media manager, and television host. Moved by other peoples successful empowering stories, Nicole focused her career on capturing the stories of other inspiring individuals both in Hollywood and that of local iconic public figures within Winecountry through still photography, written articles and her television segments.

Interviews include that of Aaron Eckhart, Somm,Thomas Keller can be found (here) Photography work has been featured in Vogue, Wine Spectator, South Shore Living, Boston Common, SF Brides, Wine Dogs Book. Articles Nicole has written have been featured in Napa Valley Life and CA Home & Design. Press covered on Nicole's achievements include that of (see press articles below) The Wine Country Book featuring Napa Valley's leading ladies. Among her were that of Hilary Newsom & Amanda Harlan.

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